I was very scared of getting married to the extent that I pushed accepting my husband’s request for two years. Why you may ask? 

Parenting. I was scared of the kind of mother I was going to be. I had always been a bookworm so I was completely alarmed at how I was going to raise a human being… Me … MOM.. What? How? You must be joking.

When you look at the society we live in today, you wonder which kind of world would our kids would live in? The fast paced life, the moral decadence in today’s society leaves nothing to the imagination.

My major concern was if I would be able to raise my kids in a way that would give them a head start and maximum opportunities no matter where they find themselves to live their lives to please Allah and attain Jannah.

So I started a journey, to learn from the sunnah and research the best way to raise muslim children. The search and journey begun 4 years ago but I kept doubting myself because I didn’t yet have children.Then I got pregnant and I struggled to find practicable information based on the Qur’an and Sunnah for a first-time mum to begin my parenting journey. I reached out to other moms and realized I was not alone. 

Hence, I became an advocate of parenting training following Islamic and positive discipline principles that are focused on connection and encouragement. I have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and positive parenting. I am also in the process of becoming a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator In shaa Allah.

THIS is my LIFE’s WORK… I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah.

HI! I am Zuliat Lawal and I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and research-based principles.

Would you like to join me on this journey where we transform our approach to raising Righteous children following Islamic and Positive Discipline Strategies?

 Other amazing Mums like Yourself from the UK and Nigeria have signed up.

Destroy Preconceived Parenting Beliefs

In this lesson, we would destroy preconceived parenting beliefs that you ar enot aware exists in your subconscious and we would reconstruct yours with the power of affirmations

Parenting Styles

In this lesson, we would learn about the different parenting styles, YOU would discover yours and develop a correction/improvement plan

Family Unit in Islam

In this lesson, we would be looking at the family unit in Islam and what Islam’s expectations are of us as Parents in raising the trusts (amanah) he has placed in our care

Lifetime Access to Telegram Group

During the course, you get 3 weeks access to me on the telegram group and lifetime access to the telegram group thereafter

6 months Access to Course

You get 6 months Access to the Course. Registration Ends on the 26th of July and Classes Start on the 5th of August In shaa Allah

Setting the Right Goals for Parenting

In this lesson, we would be looking at the goals of Parenting from the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as from a Positive Discipline Perspective.

Harness the Power of Dua

In this lesson, we would harness the Power of your Dua as a mother over the lives and futures of your children. We would design and implement our Mommy Duas.


Yaaaayyy..... I am excited to welcome you to the course and honored to guide you on this journey to Set the Foundation of Positive Parenting in your HOME In shaa Allah

This is a 3 weeks mini-online course you can access from anywhere in the world on your phone, laptop or tablet. You get 6

months access to the course.The lessons are in the form of video.

The cost is USD $28, GBP £20, Naira N10,000.

You can pay via Paystack by Clicking this LINK  

 Alternatively, pay N10,000 to Zuliat Lawal GTB 0009251332 or Lloyds Bank Account 44725068, sort code 30-92-93 and put

your email address as reference for ease of identification.

Registration Ends on the 26th of July and Classes Start on the 5th of August In shaa Allah

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