A No-holds barred physical event in the city of Lagos.

A Safe Haven of Muslimahs on similar journeys fi dunya wal aakhirah

Learning and sharing life experiences amidst an atmosphere of love

From finding their selves and purpose on their journey

To exploring the fulfillment of Half of their Deen in the beautiful union of marriage

To breaking the Cultural Intimacy barriers and discussing sexual etiquettes in line with our Islamic Values

To discussing Pregnancy and Breastfeeding of our Amanahs

To learning how to navigate the Fourth Trimester and Post Partum Depression 

We have Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib of Amal Botanicals, a triplet mom as one of our guest speakers. She would be sharing her journey to discover herself with us, she would also be talking about the 4th Trimester.

Maryam Sanuth of Breastfeedingng a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and a Clinical Pharmacist would be sharing with us the key changes to expect during pregnancy and breastfeeding as muslim women.

We also have Dr Kafayah Ogunsola, a Consultant Psychiatrist who would be talking to us about our mental health and enlightening us about post-partum depression.

A One – Day Workshop in the City of Lagos holding at the Bunker Yaba on Sunday, the 1st of March 2020.

Meet our Speakers

Zuwaira Ikharo Shuaib of Amal Botanicals

Dr Kafayah Ogunsola of Empathy Space Ng

Maryam Sanuth of Breastfeedingng (Co-Host)

Asalam alaykum sis..

My name is Zuliat Lawal and your host for the Journey to Motherhood Workshop Session In shaa Allah.

I am the founder of Liamanah, an Islamic Parenting Hub which advocates parenting following Islamic and Positive Discipline principles. I am also a Chartered Accountant with over 7 years of experience in consulting and was a Manager at one of the Big Four Consulting firms in Nigeria. 

I compiled the Mommy’s Dua Book (a prayer book which uses the most beautiful 99 names of Allah to word Duas for our children) which went viral in the global muslim community at the beginning of Ramadan 2019.

At Liamanah, we also run a Positive Parenting Online Course for Muslim Women and the Parenting for Jannah Academy which are programs focused specifically on implementing Islamic and Positive Discipline principles to raise the next generation of Muslims.

I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah.

The Journey to Motherhood Series is one i am deeply passionate about because I believe as muslim women in the African community, we do not have enough access to a safe haven, a place where we can connect, discuss and learn from each other’s experiences without bias or fear of stigmatisation.

We don’t get a lot of pre-marital counselling due to our culture and discussions about intimacy are like a taboo. Sadly, the flipside is lack of preparation for intimacy and marital life affects our psyche and mindset such that some women never enjoy their sexual lives and their marriage.

Also, we tend to navigate pregnancy and motherhood without harnessing the rewards from a muslim’s perspective  with clarity in preparing for their parenting journey seamlessly with guidance from the Quran and Sunnah amidst the pressures of coping with today’s society. 

I wish someone had told me a lot of what we would be discussing at the workshop when i was younger, I believe we can learn from other’s experiences and we should get guidance concerning the phases of our journey as muslim women.

Would love to host you and some other amazing muslim sisters at the event In shaa Allah.


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