This Ebook is a must have for every Jannah Mom


Let me tell you a bit about myself, I was very scared of getting married to the extent that I pushed accepting my husband’s request for two years. Why you may ask?  

Parenting. I was scared of the kind of mother I was going to be. I had always been a bookworm so I was completely alarmed at how I was going to raise a human being… Me … MOM.. What? How? You must be joking. I was also scared about losing myself, my individuality, my dreams and visions when I became a parent because i had always been the nurturing type, having 3 siblings makes you a mini Mom….. Lol, only if i knew.

When you look at the society we live in today, you wonder which kind of world would our kids live in? The fast paced life, the moral decadence in today’s society leaves nothing to the imagination.

My major concern was if I would be able to raise my kids in a way that would give them a head start and maximum opportunities no matter where they find themselves to live their lives to please Allah and attain Jannah.

So I started a journey to learn from the sunnah and research; the best way to raise muslim children. The search and journey begun 4 years ago but I kept doubting myself because I didn’t yet have children. Alhamdulilah, I got pregnant and I struggled to find practicable information based on the Qur’an and Sunnah for a first-time mum to begin my parenting journey. I reached out to other moms and realized I was not alone. 

Hence, I became an advocate of parenting training following Islamic and positive discipline principles that are focused on connection and encouragement. I have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and Positive Parenting. I am also in the process of becoming a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator In shaa Allah.

THIS is my LIFE’s WORK… I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah. I am Zuliat Lawal and I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and research-based principles.

In the Jannah Moms Affirmation Ebook, You’ll Find..


  • A simple 5 minutes exercise which takes you through the first step in decluttering your mind and getting rid of inner chatter that do not benefit or serve you!
  • The simple beginner guide to understanding the power and essence of affirmations!
  • A walk through guide on how to break the limiting beliefs holding you back subconsciously and the steps to develop your own personalised affirmations!
  • 100 sample affirmations you can use to nourish your SOUL and consciously focus on enriching your relation with Allah (SWT); nourish your MIND and remove the limiting beliefs about ourselves that do not serve you; nourish your thoughts about your BODY and love it just the way it is curves, stretch marks and all; nourish our RELATIONSHIPS with our spouses, children, family and work!

In shaa Allah, the Jannah Moms Affirmation Ebook would be beneficial to you.

What’s The Cost And Why Should You Order Today? I’ll Tell You Why…


You might be thinking right now, there are so many benefits, this book must cost a fortune… But here’s a shocker!

The cost of the book is only ₦2,400/ US$6. Yeah you heard me right with just ₦2,400/US$6, (less than the cost of your favourite party scarf) you’ll get this Incredible packed book as a PDF available to you for download instantly after your purchase.

Grab the Jannah Mom’s Affirmation Ebook at ₦2,400/US$6 TODAY!

OK, I’m nearly done, but I want to make one last effort to convince you. So I’ve pulled together 2 BONUSES and a SURPRISE you probably never saw coming.…


You’re going to get 2 FREEBIES (the links for the freebies and SURPRISE are in the ebook) that would definitely make you Happy Sis.

The first is a Free Mommy’s Dua Ebook that uses 10 names of Allah to make beautiful and intentional duas for your children. Trust me, you would absolutely love it; the love Muslim mothers all over the world have for this ebook is second to none.

The second is a Free Email Course on the Islamic Approach to Sex Education which guides you on how to introduce Sex Education to your children at different ages – This is a Must Have Sis with all the crazy going on in the world we live in today.

And the Surprise …. well when you purchase the ebook, you would find it on page 28. Let’s keep it a surprise shall we…. 

Yes, the Jannah Moms Affirmation Ebook is a steal at N2400 Naira so you should get yours now.

Grab the Jannah Mom’s Affirmation Ebook at ₦2,400/US$6 TODAY!

So here’s the real question: Are you ready to take action or are you still letting doubt stop you?


Don’t let your doubts stop you from the endless possibilities and positive change you can experience from implementing all you learn in the JANNAH MOMS AFFIRMATIONS EBOOK. It’s a no brainer deal you’re getting. Take action NOW

P.S. Still skeptical? I understand so here’s what I suggest to further ease your doubts. Watch the Video at the top of this page to see inside of the book before you order it. It’s that simple.

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