Parenting for Jannah Academy

Raising your Children Following Islamic and Positive Discipline Strategies Just Got Easier


The first Islamic Positive Parenting Membership Platform for Muslimahs. 

Alhamdulilah. I am so excited to welcome you to the Parenting for Jannah Academy.

In the Academy, you would get access to Islamic and Positive Parenting trainings that take you from Oh no, not again to Ma shaa Allah sweetie while helping you create the right strategies to raise Righteous Muslims without being tired, stressed, exhausted and yelling all the time.

You would learn how to empower your children to be responsible and proactive individuals

You would learn how to help your kids discover and learn about Islam in a fun and exciting way

You would be able to apply Positive Discipline tools to nurture Islamic values in your kids

You would become the parent you’ve always wanted to be In shaa Allah

What would I find in the Parenting for Jannah Academy?


You would get an overview to all you can access in the Parenting for Jannah Academy here including the latest courses, trainings and upcoming town hall sessions.

You would also get a Video tour of how to navigate the various sections of the Parenting for Jannah Academy


You would get Access to Courses and Trainings for every stage of your parenting journey.

The Courses in the Course Library would be released on a continuous basis and the trainings would be from one of the various modules: Setting the Foundation of Positive Parenting in Your Home, Emotional Regulation and Self Care, Character Building and Personality Development and Positive Discipline Approach to Parenting.

You would also get access to Jannah Moms Solutions ToolBox which provides quick wins to address specific parenting struggles and eliminate the guesswork out of your Parenting Approach


You would get access to the replays of the Positive Discipline Tools trainings where I discuss each tool in detail and explain how you can implement it in your home. Of course, you would catch me making a few jokes here and there. Lol.

Positive Discipline teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults 


You would get access to the replay of our monthly Town Hall and Q&A Live Sessions so please do not worry if you cannot make it to the live Town Hall session in any month (although, I would love to have you live so we can connect). Please just ensure you submit your questions ahead of the next Town Hall Session.

You would find the Do you have a question Section on your Member Dashboard as well as in the Town Hall Sessions Section of the Academy


Besides the exclusive trainings and courses, our Community of Jannah Moms is what makes the Parenting for Jannah Academy different:

As next step, I want you to look into the Jannah Moms Hub by clicking the button that you can see. It would be great if you say Salam and introduce yourself to other amazing Jannah moms like YOU so we can get to know YOU.

Asalam alaykum sis..

Parenting is a tough job and I believe it’s the most important job that we will ever undertake and one that we don’t get any training for. I believe nurturing empowering adult-child relationship is at the core of a strong community and raising the next Ummah.

When I got pregnant, I struggled to find practicable information based on the Qur’an and Sunnah for a first-time mum to begin my parenting journey. I reached out to other moms and realized I was not alone. I became scared, how was i going to do this?

My major concern was if I would be able to raise my kids in a way that would give them a head start and maximum opportunities no matter where they find themselves to live their lives to please Allah and attain Jannah.

Hence, I became an advocate of parenting training following Islamic and positive discipline principles that are focused on connection and encouragement. I have attended numerous trainings on Islamic and Positive Discipline Parenting and I am a Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

My name is Zuliat Lawal and I help you discover the best way to raise well rounded muslim children in this digital age following Islamic and research-based principles.

Won’t it be great to be with your family both in this life and the next?

Not sure if Parenting for Jannah Academy is for YOU?

The Parenting for Jannah Academy is NOT for everyone, and I would rather help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join.

So, Who should join the Academy?

The Parenting for Jannah Academy is Ideal for Busy Moms (expecting or having children of any age from toddlers to pre-teens) who want to take a steady but consistent approach to learn and implement all they learn on the courses, trainings and live calls in the Academy monthly. 

The Parenting for Jannah Academy is a perfect fit for Moms who are deeply committed to nurturing their children following teachings from the Quran, Sunnah and Positive Discipline principles



A child who demands to be the center of attention
A toddler who has repeated temper tantrums
A child who turns everything into a Power Struggle
The Bully Who Pushes Others Around
Siblings Who Fight
The Whining Child Who Says “I Can’t”


You want to focus on the problem without judging the child
You want to resolve conflicts without power struggles
You know you could handle things better with your child, but you get too angry.

You want to create sincere connection with your child(ren) away from the TV, Tabs and Mobile phones and be more intentional

You want to strengthen and sweeten your relationship with your child before he or she gets into the more difficult years ahead.
You want to assist children in becoming self-sufficient, socially responsible and self-confident

You want to replace nagging, yelling, threats, bribes and guilt with effective and positive messages and improve your  communication and connection with your kids


You want to learn effective ways of parenting that integrate positive discipline and Islamic values in your children’s upbringing and would make you be the best MOM that you are.

What Moms like YOU are Saying

Want a Sneek Peek of the January to June 2020 curriculum for Parenting for Jannah Academy

This all sounds great but…

Question Where would the trainings hold?


The Academy is an Online School where you login to access all the courses, trainings, live QandA calls and the community as well.
The Acadmey is open to any sister in any time zone, in any country.

Classes can be accessed via the internet on your laptop, tablt or mobile phone so it gives you a wonderful way to engage with recorded lectures from the course instructor Zuliat Lawal from the comfort of your own home anywhere you are in the world at the time most convenient for you.

Each month, we have a different focus and the topics build on each other. You can access the courses and trainings and other materials on your account on the website. If you miss a Live Q and A session, do not worry it would be recorded and provided to you.

Question When exactly do classes begin?


The trainings begin on Monday, January 6, 2020. The learning path is in the Sneek peek of the Curriculum for January to June above.

Every month, you would get access to one mini-course, one Positive Discipline Tool Training, Assignment and one Live Q and A Call. We would also have a challenge every quarter to implement what we have learnt.

You have access to the online platform and the trainings, courses and materials on the website.

Question Is there a forum for moms to ask questions?


Yes! The Jannah Moms Hub is a private forum, available only to the amazing Moms like YOU who are members of the Parenting for Jannah Academy
This is a wonderful community for Moms to ask questions, share successes and frustrations, and give each other support and encouragement.

The forum is designed primarily as a way for Moms to support each other. You’ll be given access to the Jannah Moms Hub once you join the Academy.

Question Will parents of children of all ages find this Academy relevant?


Although a lot of examples in the course is about younger children, the principles apply to all age kids. So the content of this course will be applicable to most stages of your journey as a parent: whether your child is just crawling, a toddler, five, eight or even eighteen years old.

However, the challenges facing parents during the preteen and teen years are so different, this course is primarily designed primarily for parents of kids from toddlers to preteens

Question Is the Academy Open Everytime?


Nope sis, we would only open to new moms quarterly.

My goal is to focus on the moms who join now and give them all my support.

If you want to be one of the amazing moms; please don’t wait, Join Us today at the launch price which you would continue to pay as long as you remain a member (the regular price takes effect when we open next)

Question How Do I PAY?


We accept payment from any card via a secured payment platform called Paystack. Alternatively, you can pay via Bank Transfer to GTB 0009251332 Zuliat Lawal. Please send an email with your evidence of payment and  indicate your email address and the subscription package you are paying for.

For moms who live outside Nigeria, payment can be made via Paystack as well or you can make a bank transfer to my UK Lloyds Bank account  44725068, SORT CODE 30-92-93. Please send an email with your evidence of payment and  indicate your email address and the subscription package you are paying for.

If you have challenges paying via paystack, please send an email to and we would help.

If you would like to pay via Paypal, please send an email to and we would provide you with the necessary details In shaa Allah.

Question What is your refund policy?


We do not give refunds, all sales are final. However, we assure you would get all the support you need in the Academy. If you join and find the Parenting for Jannah Academy isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time, there are no contracts.

In fact it just takes one click from your email if you pay via Paystack or you send us a message from right inside your member dashboard and we would help you cancel, no questions asked!

Question I'm trying to register for the Academy but I'm having problems


We can help figure it out with you! Please email with these 3 things:

– Describe issue you’re having

– Include any error message you are seeing. A screenshot or screengrab would be perfect

– Please include the email address you used to register

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?

If you have any questions, or encounter any difficulties registering, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you!


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